Camrose Property

Property development specialists, Camrose, were looking for a gift to celebrate the owners of newly bought luxury apartments. D&S was commissioned to design luxury welcome packs that would greet owners when they moved into their new apartment.

We wanted to capture the thrill and excitement that comes with buying such desirable properties but also offer the knowledge and information that can help the new owner to feel at home.

With the help of the Camrose design team in Capri, D&S produced two prototypes for an ultra-luxurious faux leather, softly padded folder, soon to be called the ‘official welcome guide’.

The final folder’s trimmings were custom-made, including size, width, thickness and feel. D&S also embossed the Camrose logo on the folder’s interior to match the orange elasticated strap; a subtle touch of elegance that epitomises the care and attention paid to the smaller details.