Selective Asia in Kraft Paper

One of D&S’s longest standing clients, Selective Asia was in search of a wallet and matching luggage tag that reflected their passion for protecting the environment. With our extensive range of sustainable materials, we were able to present different wallets and tags in Kraft paper differentiates for Selective Asia to choose.

Unlike their previous wallet, which had multiple compartments, the new wallet was to be a pared back version, with one spacious compartment that could be used for all manner of travel items.

Pre-ashed Kraft paper was selected as an authentic sustainable material that offered a tasteful but eco-friendly look and feel. Our bespoke approach allowed Selective Asia to present D&S with an example of a zip pulley made from a natural resource that we were then able to source. A printed tagline on the back of the wallet announced ‘made through cultivation, not deforestation’ as a powerful message that represents their brand.

The matching luggage tag continued the aesthetic and sustainable materials with the same natural zip pulley to seamlessly communicate Selective Asia’s story.