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Our clients care about the world we share, and so do we. We don’t believe that taking your brand message around that world should cost the earth. That’s why we’ve invested in eco-friendly factories, sourced innovative and sustainable materials, and partnered with Plastic Bank to keep plastics out of the ocean while empowering coastal communities.

Eco-friendly factories

Our pioneering factories are dedicated to safe environmental working practices and use only 100% eco-friendly materials. Working with Sedex allows us full visibility of our supply chain, from the raw materials to delivery. The transparency offered through their tools and service allow us to protect our workers, the environment and offer peace of mind to our clients.

Distinctive materials

Sustainable materials don’t have to be boring, anything but. Our exclusive and innovative material list includes corn starch, bamboo, coffee grounds, sugar crane, cork, felt, mycelium, kraft paper, tyrek and many more.

By offering our clients an extensive range of exciting materials, D&S is able to create a unique range of promotional gifts for your brand, while protecting the planet’s precious resources.

Giving back

D&S has partnered with Plastic Bank to become a worldwide supplier of promotional products that divert plastics away from our oceans and into a circular recycled economy while combating global poverty. Plastic Bank and D&S work hand in hand, united by our common goals.

Any business from any sector can work with D&S to produce items made from SOCIAL PLASTIC®. By investing in this special partnership, we’re able to connect our global promotional network to Plastic Bank’s fantastic mission to stop plastic from entering the ocean, empower vulnerable communities, and create a circular economy for recycled plastic.

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